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Rice Branch


  • The main function of the rice branch is formulation/implementation of policy for custom milling of paddy procured by the State/its agencies Inspector Grade-I/Grade-II and Assistant Food Supplies Officer look after the procurement operations under the supervision of Food Supply Officer/District Food and Supplies Controller. They check/verify the record of arhtias regarding paddy purchased by them.
  • The paddy procured by the State is stored with the rice mills as per their milling capacity under Custom Milling policy. A committee headed by Deputy Director (Field) of the Division is constituted for allotment of agencies/paddy. District Food and Supplies Controller and District Managers of the concerned agencies are other members of this committee. The allotment committee is authorized for the allotment of rice mills upto a specific date after which the allotment/ change of allotment is allowed by the Director Food and Supplies at Head office level. As laid down in the policy District Food and Supplies Controller / Deputy Director (Field) have been asked to conduct PV of the paddy stored with each mill on fortnightly basis . The reports sent by them are examined in the rice branch of Head Quarter.
  • Paddy is issued to rice mills against cash guarantee for which Release Orders are issued by the branch.
  • Cases for enhancement of capacity of existing rice mills are also examined in the branch as per instructions issued by the Government vide No.RP-1(1828)-07/2823 dated 10-9-2007 and No No.RP-1(1828)-07/2871 dated 17-9-2007 (copy enclosed ) As per orders of the Hon’ble High court rice millers have been asked to submit their applications for fixation of their milling capacity to the District Food and Supplies Controllers by 30th May 2010 and their capacities will be re-fixed within 30 days of their receipt. No application will be entertain after 30th May.(copy enclosed) .
  • Shifting of paddy from one district to other is also allowed by the Rice Branch.
  • Progress of Custom Milling/ delivery of Levy rice is reviewed by the officer in charge of the Rice Branch on regular basis. Daily statement regarding delivery of levy/custom milling in the Central Pool is also prepared in the Rice Branch.
  • Complaints made by rice millers/General Public against the wrong allotment of agency/milling capacity are also dealt with in the Rice Branch.
  • Court cases filed by the rice millers against non allotment are processed in the Rice Branch and defended in the Lower Courts and Hon’ble Punjab and Haryana High Court.
  • The problems regarding specification of rice and covered space as etc. faced by the rice millers are taken up with the Government of India/FCI at the level of Minister/Secretary Food and Supplies/ Director Food and Supplies.
  • The Inspectors carry out operation of storage of paddy with the rice mills. The paddy is stored in the premises of rice mills in the joint custody of Inspectors, staff of the concerned agencies and the rice millers Inspectors are custodian of Pungrain’s paddy stored with the rice mills. They work under the supervision of Assistant Food and Supplies Officer/Food and Supplies Officer. District Food & Supplies Controller is over-all in-charge of the district to supervise the operations carried out by the field staff. They are also responsible for getting the paddy milled by the rice millers. For this purpose, they issue gate-pass to the rice mills for delivering rice against the paddy allotted to them. Once the rice is delivered by the concerned rice miller to FCI, the rice millers submit Weight Check Memos and other documents to Inspector concerned. After scrutiny, these documents are sent to Circle Office for getting payment from FCI.


The procurement of rice is made under the Punjab Rice Procurement (Levy ) Order,1983. Under the provisions of this order every rice miller/dealer has to deliver a fixed percentage of levy share at the procurement prices and as per specifications fixed by the Govt. of India from time to time.

Manual and Reports

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